Hi. My name is Bronwyn.

I’m a multi award-winning speaker on mental health.


My passion is in working with communities to produce better mental health outcomes.


I use my professional and personal experiences to uplift, educate and inspire groups to reach their full potential.


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Hi. My name is Bronwyn.


I’ve been recognised nationally as a Young Social Pioneer for my leadership in mental health, but I prefer to think of myself as a passionate facilitator who inspires and works with communities to reach their full potential.


As a multi award-winning public speaker, I’m regularly sought-after as a keynote speaker and workshop facilitator.


My passion lies in educating audiences on the key ingredients for good mental health and translating psychological science into everyday language.

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My TEDx Talk: ‘Attention! This is Why You Can’t Sleep’

Last year I ticked something HUGE off my bucket list... I delivered a TEDx talk! The talk was just released on the TEDxTalks YouTube channel, which has over 6 million subscribers! In the talk, I draw on my PhD research in Cognitive Psychology to answer the age-old...

4 Books that Shaped Me in 2016

In 2016 I wanted to consume writing that mattered. Books are a powerful means of engaging with different voices, new ideas, and ways of being. Between writing a PhD and learning how to be a social change-maker, I read 25 books. In my down-time I learned about science...